Go Wild With Social Media In The Classroom! Sort of…

Are you tired of constantly being on the prowl, looking to reprimand students whom you catch using social media during your class time? Unless your school has strict digital device policies, or the ability to block all connectivity to the outside world, it’s an everyday task. However, today I’ve got a couple of tools for you from Classtools.net that your little social media enthusiasts will love! So, let’s take a traditional research paper/PowerPoint (substitution) assignment, and move it into the Modification/Redefinition levels of technology integration.

MJ Cover

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Are Schools Losing the Social Media Race?

social-media-logosThe thought recently occurred to me that in order to prepare our students for the future, school districts have to implement social media technology into the curriculum.  Recently, one of my eleventh grade anatomy students (we’ll call him Andy) raised his hand to be acknowledged and said frankly,

“Mrs. McCullough, you do know that today’s student’s are smarter than you all are, don’t you?”

In an attempt to fight back the adrenaline rush and avoid the onset of steam spewing from my ears, I replied,

“How on earth did you come to THAT conclusion, Andy?”

His answer was simple, but painfully obvious.  “Teachers are not ‘up’ on technology like we are.  If you all hook up a new device, you have to read the directions.  Y’all don’t even really know how to use Twitter or Instagram. The stuff we’re learning in school is really not preparing us for real life.” Continue reading